Your Local Salvage Yard

When searching for salvage yards in Birmingham, look no further than Tyburn Metal Recycling, who offer very competitive prices for all sorts of scrap metal.

Here at TMR, we make the process quick and easy, taking your scrap metal off your hands and replacing it with cash.

To find out more and solve your Birmingham salvage needs, get in touch with us today or come visit us at the address below:

At Tyburn Metal Recycling, we offer salvage solutions in Birmingham and pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices for our customers. We’re open to both the public and traders including plumbers, electricians and roofers. In addition, we scrap all sorts of different vehicles. So if you’re looking to purchase a new car and are not too sure what to do with your old runner, give us a call and we can discuss what price you’ll receive in return.

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