3 Creative Methods of Recycling

Recycling your waste products doesn’t have to be all about taking it to a specific location where people will take it off of your hands and make use of it; there are plenty of ways in which you can use your waste materials effectively and creatively throughout your home. Finding ways to recycle your materials is all about getting creative and thinking of practical uses for what would otherwise be thrown out or recycled. If you’re unsure as to where you should start here are the 5 best methods of recycling creatively.

#1 – The Tin Can Plant Pot

Instead of throwing out all of your tin cans (or aluminium cans) or sending them away to be recycled elsewhere and turned into more cans you can use them within your home and also within your garden. Next time you have a can, tin or otherwise, keep it.

Rinse the inside of the can to prevent contamination and remove the label from the outside. You should be left with a plain can that can now be used to host flowers and other types of plants; the can is a great alternative to buying vases and flower pots as it is simple and free. The metallic exterior also makes it incredibly stylish and implies a contemporary yet green household.

#2 – The Bird Feeder Bottle

Don’t throw away every single plastic milk bottle that you use – milk bottles can be cut up and used as bird feeders within your garden.

You can use the milk bottles to create a bird feeder by thoroughly cleaning the bottle so that there is no milk left within it that can turn sour, cutting  the top of the bottle off so and creating a hole within the side of the bottle big enough for birds such as robins, thrushes, sparrows and the odd jay.

Once you have cut a hole into the side of the milk bottle you should place two small holes at the top of the bottle; one on each side. Thread a piece of string or wire through the holes so that you can hang the feeder from your shed, bird house or bird bath. Lastly, fill the bottle with bird food so that they will have a reason to visit your garden.

#3 – The Bottle Cap Candles

Metal bottle caps from bottles of wine, fruit juice or beers can be reused and recycled to make candles. By reusing your old bottle caps you can save the environment and you won’t need to buy tea lights or ordinary candles; bottle caps can bring character to your home and act as modern decorations.

The simplest way for you to make your own bottle cap tea lights is to pour hot wax into the bottle cap and before it has cooled insert a wick into the centre of the candle. Allow the wax to cool before attempting to move your new candles; remain cautious throughout the process as dealing with hot liquids can be dangerous.

There are dozens if not hundreds of others ways in which you can recycle your household materials without having to get rid of them; the most creative yet practical ways may come to you when you least expect it. For more information on recycling and scrap metal you can get in touch with us here at Taroni Metal, we’d be more than happy to help.

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